A New Year’s Resolution for Chocolate: Reconnecting With Loved Ones

Boxed Chocolates Gift Tower - Corporate Gift Gifing
A chocolate gift tower is a great way to stay in touch with friends, family or clients.

The new year often brings resolutions for how we will improve ourselves, take care of our bodies and better our lives. For many the focus is inward, on the person in the mirror. Yet January is also a great time to take those last minute gift ideas from December and make them into an out-of-season thoughtful gesture. Whether you start to think about friends, family or business associates, here are some ways that gift baskets and towers from Stutz Candy can provide a little smile during the coldest time of the year.

Gift Baskets for Family

Over the holiday season, many will enjoy time with their loved ones at dinner, sharing gifts of both time and presents. However, many times some aunts, uncles or distant cousins cannot make it, and extended family can become distant. While they are often on the list for Hanukkah and Christmas cards, for some this can become a rote requirement for courtesy.

Sending something small such as chocolates or candies along with a note can be a pleasant reminder that family ties are bonds that exist all year long. Each time a relative grabs a treat, it can prompt a smile and bring back memories of time spent together.

For older ones who live just too far away, or who need some assistance so that they can get around, making a visit with some treats can complement the times you can make it out to see them and bring a smile on more quiet days. It can also be a nice treat for those who help aging relatives with whatever they may need.

Treats for Friends

Read more, exercise more, but what about living more? It’s easy to get caught up with family obligations and getting kids to school, practice and lessons. In 2014, why not remind the people you care about that you’re thinking of them and are looking to spend more time away from home this year?

Gift baskets are just one part of it, although our family is proud of our chocolates. Finding a nearby class for cooking or a day trip can be a great way to reconnect with old friends and keep things from becoming too distant. Of course, it may take a few weeks or more to iron out all the details, but making the offer as part of a gift basket ensures there are frequent, delicious reminders of the chance for pals to reconnect in 2014 without retreating to the relative ease of holiday cards or the less tangible world of Facebook.

Maintaining Client and Vendor Relationships

At the start of the new year, many businesses are setting goals for revenue or completing projects and trying to forecast what 2014 will hold. As business gifts, chocolates in gift towers can offer a number of benefits.

It’s not a mercenary idea to remember that now is when budgets are being set for the year ahead. Major clients who have sung your praises will have you on their minds as they decide what projects to focus on. Perhaps more importantly, studies have shown that existing relationships are a great way to maintain business and can lead to referrals that can improve a company’s bottom line.

Even without that, companies that think of those vendors and customers that they work with can turn last minute gift ideas into January and February surprises that will keep your business in the minds of the people you work with, whenever they want to try new projects or continue contracts in 2014

Start Anew with Stutz

Whether you already have a list of resolutions or are just coming around to setting goals for 2014, it’s time to take another look at the idea of last minute gift ideas. Sending personalized notes with Stutz gift towers or personalized baskets gives you the chance to reconnect with friends, family and business partners without it feeling rote or routine the way holiday baskets may feel.

Peruse our online offerings, from chocolates to saltwater taffy, or contact our customer support specialists to get a tailored gift for the important people in your life.