Heart-Healthy Chocolate Options You’ll Love

Indulging in delectable heart-healthy chocolates while prioritizing heart health may seem like a distant dream, but at Stutz Candy, we’re turning that dream into a reality. Discover a world of heart-healthy chocolate that not only delights your taste buds, but also contributes to your well-being. In this article, we’ll unveil a range of guilt-free chocolate options that restructure your shopping list to be enjoyable again, all the while supporting your heart health journey.  

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National Ice Cream Month: The Top 10 Best Ice Cream Toppings!

As the sun-kissed days of summer unfold, there’s no better way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month than by indulging in delightful frozen treats topped with the tastiest toppings! At Stutz Candy, we take pride and joy in crafting premium confections that elevate your ice cream experience to a whole new level (or scoop.) So, get ready to embark on a flavor-packed journey as we reveal the top 10 best ice cream toppings that will make your taste blow your taste buds out of the water this summer!


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Celebrate National Candy Month with Stutz: Our Top 6 Picks for Summer

What better way to make your summer day even sweeter than indulging in delicious candies from Stutz Candy? In celebration of National Candy Month, we present to you the 6 top picks from our delightful boardwalk sweets section, guaranteed to transport you back to carefree days spent by the beach. So, grab a seat, and let us take you on a nostalgic journey through flavors that will surely make your summer memories a little sweeter. 

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Best Selling Candies in the United States: A Guide from Stutz Candy

As one of the leading candy stores in Pennsylvania, Stutz Candy has been providing best selling candies, as well as quality confectionery treats for years. Our vast selection of chocolates has always been a fan favorite and continues to be a top-seller in the United States. From our corporate chocolate gift baskets to our boxed chocolates and chocolate covered pretzels, we offer a wide range of chocolate options to suit all tastes and preferences. Here, we take a closer look at some of the best-selling chocolates in the United States and why they have become such a hit among chocolate lovers. 

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Summertime Sweets on the Boardwalk: One of the Finest Northeast Traditions

Recalling The Sweetness Of Summer

What goes perfect with the salty spray of the endless ocean? Some delicious sweets. Now certainly, most countries have a tradition of treats by the beach in the summer. However, America perfected it, and in Pennsylvania, the summertime sweets on the shoreline are some of the best in the country.

There are a lot of solid reasons for this, one of them being the very location of PA. Pennsylvania is in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard. Anyone who lives there knows summers are hot, humid, and muggy; but the eastern ocean glittering in the sun as waves dance into shore is downright refreshing.

Accordingly, Pennsylvanians love the beach. And since this region of the country has full seasonality and some of the oldest United States communities, there’s been time to perfect diverse confection formulas.

Stutz is one of the best purveyors of sweet delicacies of multiple kinds in the Mid-Atlantic, and offers a substantial selection of candy precisely designed to match your cravings on the boardwalk. Let’s look at some of our favorite summertime sweets:

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Celebrate the Class of 2021 with Sweets from Stutz!

Cue up the Pomp and Circumstance – it’s time to celebrate the class of 2021! Is someone in your family or group of friends among this year’s graduating class? You will want to find a way to say you are proud of them and recognize their achievement. How about a congratulation gift box or basket from the best sweets shop in Pennsylvania, Stutz Candy? Shop at one of our stores or order online. Your graduate will love one of these sweet baskets from our large selection. Here are some choices from our best sellers selection.

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How is Taffy Made?

In our last blog post, we discussed the history of saltwater taffy and how it got its name, and its origins as a favorite treat among boardwalk visitors.

We’d wager that part of the charm of buying taffy when you’re at the shore is seeing it made. Machinery at work, pulling large ropes of taffy is quite a sight to see.

At first sight, you may wonder “What’s going on there?”

Throughout our history, as we grew to be an iconic candy maker in the Philadelphia area, stories of taffy making at the shore have traveled far and wide. Having candy locations at the shore and just north of Philadelphia, we still hear them.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the hows and whys of taffy making.

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King & Queen of Confection: Fudge at the Shore

Last year, Stutz celebrated a milestone not every business gets to enjoy: 80 years in business.

It’s a fascinating history. We started off making chocolate in a garage in Jenkintown, and now operate three stores: two in the Philadelphia area and one at the Jersey Shore.

We’re proud to be a part of local food history, and no discussion of that history is complete without mentioning two things: fudge, saltwater taffy, and their connection to the shore.

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How Salt Water Taffy Got Its Name

wrapped green and blue salt water taffy

Summer is in full swing, and countless people are heading to the Jersey shore, where they’ll seek out the best salt water taffy the boardwalks have to offer.

It got us thinking again about the history of this classic seaside treat, and its unique history. Read on to find out how salt water taffy got its name.

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Stutz Fudge Comes Back to Long Beach Island

Stutz fudgeIn case you don’t read the papers, we’ll share the news here: Stutz fudge is back at The Shore!

As the Philadelphia Inquirer reported last week, we’ve opened our new store on Long Beach Island. We sold our previous location on LBI after Superstorm Sandy back in 2012.

But we’ve always wanted to get back to the Jersey Shore, and we’re proud to say we’ve realized that dream. You’ll find our new store at Long Beach Boulevard and 25th Street in Ship Bottom. It’s not the summer at the shore without our fudge or salt water taffy.

We’re open Monday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Stop in and see us when you’re on LBI, or visit our stores in Hatboro or Warrington.