Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Treat Mom to Something Sweet from Stutz Candy’s

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and finding the perfect gift for the special mom in your life can be a challenge. However, if your mom has a sweet tooth, Stutz Candy has the best options for you! We’ve created the perfect Mother’s Day Gift Guide so you can leave the stress behind. As a family-owned candy company, we’ve been creating delicious confections for over 80 years. From handmade chocolates to nut brittles, and saltwater taffy to gummy candy, we have something for every type of mom – even no sugar added treats! Take a look at some of Stutz Candy’s top Mother’s Day gift ideas: 

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The Best Way To Say “Thinking of You” & Thank You Baskets

Are you looking for the perfect way to express your gratitude or send warm thoughts to someone you care about? Look no further than Stutz Candy! Our gift baskets are filled with a variety of delicious treats that are sure to delight anyone’s taste buds. From chocolate-covered pretzels to award-winning fudge, we have something for everyone. 

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Make Easter Egg-stra Sweet with Stutz Easter Candies

Easter is a time for celebration, joy, and fun. It is also the perfect time to indulge in some delicious and sweet treats. Whether you are looking to treat yourself or surprise your loved ones, Stutz Candy has got you covered with their amazing selection of Easter candies. Make your Easter egg-stra sweet this year with Stutz Candy’s assorted chocolate selection, featuring their Foiled White Chocolate Eggs, Milk Chocolate Caramel Filled Bunnies, Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Filled Bunny, and Easter Nonpareils. 

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Best Selling Candies in the United States: A Guide from Stutz Candy

As one of the leading candy stores in Pennsylvania, Stutz Candy has been providing best selling candies, as well as quality confectionery treats for years. Our vast selection of chocolates has always been a fan favorite and continues to be a top-seller in the United States. From our corporate chocolate gift baskets to our boxed chocolates and chocolate covered pretzels, we offer a wide range of chocolate options to suit all tastes and preferences. Here, we take a closer look at some of the best-selling chocolates in the United States and why they have become such a hit among chocolate lovers. 

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Treat Your Mom on Her Special Day to World-Class Chocolate!

Just the thought of your mother makes you feel loved. Words alone are not enough to describe how much you love and appreciate her.

At Stutz Candy, we understand just how special moms are, and that’s why we’ve come up with a wide range of offers this Mother’s Day to help you show your appreciation. How better to express love to your mom than with the best chocolate in Philadelphia? With over 83 years of experience in creating world-class candy, fudges and chocolate in Philadelphia, Stutz Candy has mastered the art of making not only yummy but health-conscious treats.

Other than its wonderful taste, chocolate has some great health benefits. A study conducted by scientists at Harvard Medical School suggested that eating a chocolate serving every day reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Other studies show that chocolate improves mood, blood flow and reduces blood pressure.

This Mother’s Day, we have combined the best treats and chocolate in Philadelphia that are guaranteed to make your mom feel very special and appreciated.

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What’s makes Stutz’s gourmet chocolate pretzels special?

If you’re a person who appreciates chocolate-covered pretzels, you will absolutely love the gourmet chocolate pretzels produced by Stutz candy-makers. Five generations of research, discovery, and improvement have made the Stutz gourmet chocolate pretzels the finest in the world, and the ones favored by many of the world’s chocolate pretzel lovers.

Continue reading below to find out more about how this delightful treat is made, and how it has managed to captivate the world with its sweet and salty flavor for decades now.

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Why Salt and Sweet Are a Perfect Pair

Salt and sweet are an amazing pairing.

That’s apparent to anyone who’s ever enjoyed a box of chocolate covered pretzels or secretly – or not so secretly – dunked their French fries into a milkshake.

And maybe after you were done that pretzel or that ice-cream-coated fry, you asked yourself the eternal question of the satisfied diner:

“Why does this taste so good?”

As a long-time supplier of candy in Bucks County, it’s a question that interests us, so we did some digging. Here’s what science tells us.

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Unveiling of our First Website

In Addition to Elegantly Displaying the Decadent Chocolates and Treats That Local Shoppers Have Loved Since 1940, our website will now allow visitors around The United States to be able to purchase Stutz Candies online.

Stutz Candy Company is a legendary confectioner known for the creation of an array of Chocolate Covered Pretzels from Stutz Candystore-made chocolates, fudge, nut confections and nonpareils since 1940, Stutz boasts a worldwide clientele and is an irreplaceable tradition for their Christmas, Easter, Valentines creations, as well as their ”everyday” smooth, rich, delicious chocolate. The store itself is a piece of Americana with pitch perfect vintage signage and an overwhelming display counter.

With locations in PA and NJ, our retail candy shops specialize in store-made chocolate, fudge, saltwater taffy, nuts, chews, and seasonal holiday treats. We offer delivery and shipping throughout the U.S. and sell a wide assortment of cards, scented candles and other gift items.

Now, for the first time in our over 70-year history, we will have a beautiful website featuring a wide array of delicacies and gifts. Convenient and easy to navigate, our new website allows customers to shop for and order Stutz’ yummy treats, as well as gifts and corporate giving items, 24/7, and have them shipped to their home or place of business.

The timing of the launch of our new website could not be more advantageous to customers in need of gifts for the holiday season. Stutz Candies are a holiday tradition, and are available preassembled beautifully into Gift Towers through the new website. Gifts suitable for corporate giving are also available