examples of our chocolate pretzel varieties, including sprinkles and drizzle options

What’s makes Stutz’s gourmet chocolate pretzels special?

If you’re a person who appreciates chocolate-covered pretzels, you will absolutely love the gourmet chocolate pretzels produced by Stutz candy-makers. Five generations of research, discovery, and improvement have made the Stutz gourmet chocolate pretzels the finest in the world, and the ones favored by many of the world’s chocolate pretzel lovers.

Continue reading below to find out more about how this delightful treat is made, and how it has managed to captivate the world with its sweet and salty flavor for decades now.

How gourmet chocolate pretzels are made

At Stutz fine candy makers, we consider chocolate to be its own basic food group, and we love it so much, we try to incorporate it into as many treats as possible. One of the world favorite treats involving chocolate is gourmet chocolate pretzels, and the reason for its enduring popularity is that it combines sweetness with saltiness, and has the added appeal of the crunchiness provided by the pretzels.

Many people like to make chocolate covered pretzels at home around holiday times, to give them as gifts to friends because just about everyone loves them. However, if you want to buy the genuine gourmet chocolate pretzels, you should purchase directly from Stutz, and just close your eyes to enjoy a real taste treat.

The trick obviously in preparing gourmet chocolate pretzels is the type of chocolate you’re going to use as a covering. We have our own proprietary delicious milk chocolate which we like to slather all over the pretzels, and we will also sometimes coat the pretzels with dark chocolate covering.

Another way these delicious treats can be made is to coat them with milk chocolate initially, and then drizzle them with white chocolate after that has dried. At home, you can use your own method for melting the chocolate, with most people choosing to either melt it in the microwave or use a double boiler to melt the chocolate.

Ingredients used in gourmet chocolate pretzels

The ingredients used in our gourmet chocolate pretzels are fairly simple and don’t involve a very complicated procedure in order to achieve just the right taste and level of crunchiness. At home, you can use whatever milk chocolate or semi-sweet morsels you like to use for baking, but we use our own Stutz chocolate so we can be sure of having gourmet quality in our taste.

Whether it’s milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate, we make sure that all three of these are world-class confections, before we will adorn our pretzels with them. Our pretzels are also homemade from our own bakers at Stutz, and these are prepared at just the right temperature and consistency, so as to accommodate the covering of chocolate which makes them so delicious.

Importance of quality chocolate

You might be surprised to learn about how important it is to use high-quality chocolate when you’re making gourmet chocolate pretzels. If you fail to use really good chocolate on your pretzels, it can end up tasting waxy or too sugary, and that will ruin the entire flavor and texture of your chocolate covered pretzel. That’s why we make every effort to ensure that all chocolates we cover our pretzels with are of the gourmet variety, and can pass the taste test of chocolate experts all over the world.

Flavors of gourmet chocolate pretzels

The kinds of gourmet chocolate pretzels made by Stutz are of several varieties, and each of these has their own legion of followers. Milk chocolate is, of course, the universally loved flavor and practically everyone on earth is in love with milk chocolate.

We also produce dark chocolate gourmet chocolate pretzels, and there’s a noticeable difference between these two varieties. Dark chocolate will appear to be closer to a black color than a brown color, and it will be less sweet. The sugar content in dark chocolate is more subtle, and of course, that’s why it’s hailed by healthcare personnel as the more healthy variety of chocolate.

Of course, for those who have made a profession of studying various types of chocolate, we know that the primary difference between dark chocolate and milk chocolate is that dark chocolate contains no added milk solids. In addition, you’ll also find a higher percentage of cocoa in dark chocolate, and that’s what accounts for its deeper color and deeper flavor.

Some people consider that dark chocolate has a slightly more bitter taste than milk chocolate does, but that’s actually what permits it to complement other flavors so well. Milk chocolate, on the other hand, is made from condensed milk, powdered milk, or liquid milk.

Even a quick glance will tell you that milk chocolate is very smooth and creamy and lacks the same dry texture that dark chocolate has because the milk content adds elasticity. Milk chocolate is also highly compatible with other flavors and it can easily be added to just about any other kind of savory or sweet flavor you care to combine it with.

As most people know, white chocolate does not really contain any cocoa solids at all, so it’s actually something of a misnomer to call it chocolate at all. However, it does have a very endearing flavor and has that rich, decadent taste of milk chocolate, so we have no hesitation in preparing gourmet chocolate pretzels flavored with white chocolate as well.