Mother’s Day Gift-Giving Traditions Around the World

Mother's Day, traditionsDid you know that Mother’s Day, which is now an internationally celebrated holiday, has its roots right here in Southeastern Pennsylvania?

It was a Philadelphia woman, Anna Jarvis, who is said to have made a promise at her mother’s gravesite that she would create a day during which all moms, both living and deceased, would be honored.

That was in May 1905. Less than a decade later, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed into law a bill that declared the second Sunday of May an official U.S. holiday. And Mother’s Day was born.

Today, the concept of celebrating the unconditional love, support and strength of mothers is recognized all around the world. Naturally, our Mother’s Day gift-giving tradition at Stutz Candy usually involves a gorgeous gift basket or dark chocolate, shipped directly from Montgomery County.

But here’s how sons and daughters around the world choose to commemorate the May holiday:


In the mid-1920s, Janet Heyden began the Australian tradition of giving gifts to mothers in mid-May after visiting a retirement home where many of the lonely resident moms seemed to have been forgotten. Today, Australian mothers—or “mums,” as they’re known Down Under—receive chrysanthemums as gifts. In honor of their own mothers, men can often be seen wearing chrysanthemums on their suit jacket lapels.


In Belgium, where Mother’s Day is also celebrated in mid-May, children offer gifts to their mothers that they’ve spent the past week creating in school. It’s also a Belgian tradition for fathers to rise early on Mother’s Day to purchase pastries, which are presented to mom before she gets out of bed.


In Indonesia, Hari Ibu, as the Mother’s Day holiday is known, was made official in 1953, and was originally intended to celebrate the spirit of all Indonesian women. Today, the holiday involves gift-giving, as well as surprise parties and cooking competitions. As in the West, Indonesian moms are traditionally relieved of their domestic duties on Mother’s Day.


In Mexico, the unofficial holiday known as Día de las Madres, celebrated on May 10, involves family gatherings, singing and music making. Interestingly, many families begin the day by singing “Las Mañanitas”—a traditional Latin birthday song—to the mother (or mothers) of the house. Gift-giving and family meals are also common.

Mother’s Day Gifts in Bucks County & Montgomery County

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Oh, and we almost forgot: We love you, mom!