Perfect Pairings for National Hot Chocolate Day

Nothing hits home like a cup of hot cocoa on a chilly evening after a long tiresome day. To kick it up a notch, imagine having your warm, rich drink together with a pairing that may make you want to sing “Happy” by Pharrell Williams at the top of your lungs

Chocolate drinks have been able to foster relationships, spark traditions, bring together family and friends, and become part of traditions that have been passed down through the years. Generally, they play a role in creating memories that last a lifetime. With that, these beloved beverages should be paired with something equally magical.

Here are our top 5 hot cocoa and chocolate pairings that are worth trying as we commemorate National Hot Chocolate Day.

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Culinary Christmas Traditions: Global Holiday Treats

There are many holiday traditions celebrated in the United States from trimming the tree, baking cookies, to opening gifts and spending quality time with friends and family. One of the best parts of the Christmas season is the sharing of sweet things to eat.

Typically people save a favorite recipe that only comes out during the holidays, and people use sweets to gift each other and tell someone they are special and loved. This tradition of sweet sharing is not only done in the United States, other countries share in these rituals as well.

These are some traditional holiday sweets shared in other countries that you might want to add to your list this year.

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Give Thanks for Fall Favorites!

The air is brisk and the leaves are changing – Thanksgiving is just around the corner! As you get ready to give thanks with your friends and family, leave dessert up to Stutz. With a variety of Thanksgiving treats, the Stutz Candy Company is ready to help you decorate your table, please all of your guests, and give unforgettable hostess gifts this holiday season.

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Spooky Sweets & Halloween Treats

The Greater Philadelphia area boasts a plethora of Halloween fun: harmless, innocent events for young families; super-scary festivals; and thrilling ghost tours — to name a few. Whether you prefer to be scared out of your wits, participate in a local Trunk-on-Treat activity, or you’d rather skip the crowds and curl up on the couch to watch a timeless horror film at home, the holiday is nothing without its ultimate star: candy! As the shorter days of fall set in, there’s really nothing better to look forward to than mouth-watering, spooky sweets and exciting, delectable Halloween treats.

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Summertime Sweets on the Boardwalk: One of the Finest Northeast Traditions

Recalling The Sweetness Of Summer

What goes perfect with the salty spray of the endless ocean? Some delicious sweets. Now certainly, most countries have a tradition of treats by the beach in the summer. However, America perfected it, and in Pennsylvania, the summertime sweets on the shoreline are some of the best in the country.

There are a lot of solid reasons for this, one of them being the very location of PA. Pennsylvania is in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard. Anyone who lives there knows summers are hot, humid, and muggy; but the eastern ocean glittering in the sun as waves dance into shore is downright refreshing.

Accordingly, Pennsylvanians love the beach. And since this region of the country has full seasonality and some of the oldest United States communities, there’s been time to perfect diverse confection formulas.

Stutz is one of the best purveyors of sweet delicacies of multiple kinds in the Mid-Atlantic, and offers a substantial selection of candy precisely designed to match your cravings on the boardwalk. Let’s look at some of our favorite summertime sweets:

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5 Creative Culinary Uses for Candy

Candy is nothing short of satisfying. But wouldn’t it be great if you tried some DIY and took your meals and snacks to a whole new level: more color, more sweetness, and more texture?

Read about these five fantastic ways you can use our wide array of summer treats in your cooking.

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Celebrate the Class of 2021 with Sweets from Stutz!

Cue up the Pomp and Circumstance – it’s time to celebrate the class of 2021! Is someone in your family or group of friends among this year’s graduating class? You will want to find a way to say you are proud of them and recognize their achievement. How about a congratulation gift box or basket from the best sweets shop in Pennsylvania, Stutz Candy? Shop at one of our stores or order online. Your graduate will love one of these sweet baskets from our large selection. Here are some choices from our best sellers selection.

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Treat Your Mom on Her Special Day to World-Class Chocolate!

Just the thought of your mother makes you feel loved. Words alone are not enough to describe how much you love and appreciate her.

At Stutz Candy, we understand just how special moms are, and that’s why we’ve come up with a wide range of offers this Mother’s Day to help you show your appreciation. How better to express love to your mom than with the best chocolate in Philadelphia? With over 83 years of experience in creating world-class candy, fudges and chocolate in Philadelphia, Stutz Candy has mastered the art of making not only yummy but health-conscious treats.

Other than its wonderful taste, chocolate has some great health benefits. A study conducted by scientists at Harvard Medical School suggested that eating a chocolate serving every day reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Other studies show that chocolate improves mood, blood flow and reduces blood pressure.

This Mother’s Day, we have combined the best treats and chocolate in Philadelphia that are guaranteed to make your mom feel very special and appreciated.

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an abundance of sweets from your favorite candy shop in Pennsylvania!

While a pint of Guinness is great, and corned beef is slow-cooked salty goodness, but St. Patrick’s Day is really the fantastic time to enjoy a sweet, sweet treat. Just check out your local candy shop in Pennsylvania. Chocolates, seasonal treats for both kid and adult, and a variety large enough to make Willy Wonka smile.

So what type of St. Patrick’s Day sugary goodness can you find at your favorite candy shop in Pennsylvania?

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It Isn’t Easter Without Some of Your Favorite Holiday Chocolate in Philadelphia

Looking back at the time when Easter Holiday started, the celebrations didn’t feature candies or chocolate. Today, it would be almost impossible to think about Easter without picturing delicious candies and chocolate in Philadelphia.

While brand new, creative, and scintillating Easter-themed candies emerge every year, some favorite classics will always be on the shelves. The holiday would be bland without some of your favorite chocolate in Philadelphia.

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