Celebrate International Chocolate Day with Stutz Candy

box of handmade chocolate candiesSome holidays don’t have a universal date. The Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. The British Mother’s Day is in March.

And so it goes for chocolate. While the rest of the world marks World Chocolate Day on July 7, America celebrates International Chocolate day on September 13.

Why September 13?

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Does Chocolate Really Help You Think Better?

For many of us, it was those all-night college study sessions that taught us the concept of brain food.

That is, food that actually improves our brain’s cognitive functioning when consumed. Salmon and nuts (especially walnuts) are probably the best-known brain foods, and blueberries and avocados are also known to do the trick.

But frankly, we don’t remember anyone suggesting that eating chocolate might help us better retain information when studying for that notoriously difficult pre-calc final exam.

And yet new scientific research that has been published in the scholarly journal Appetite has suggested just that.

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8 Things You May Not Know About Chocolate

chocolateAt Stutz, we obviously love chocolate. It’s been our business now for nearly a century, fueling our Bucks County candy shops.

And it’s not just the taste, or the fact that it makes a great gift, or even the health benefits. Chocolate is just genuinely fascinating.

Here are some facts about it that you might not know:

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Making Mother’s Day Traditions with Stutz Candy

mother's day chocolateWe’ve been honoring our moms for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans held celebrations in praise of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele.

People in Europe used to observe something called “Mothering Sunday,” a day of appreciation for mothers that grew out of an early Christian tradition. Mothering Sunday eventually began to merge with the American Mother’s Day in the 1930s and 1940s.

(As we noted in last year’s Mother’s Day blog, it was Philadelphia’s Anna Jarvis, who sparked the idea for the American version of the holiday in 1908.)

It’s a big day. Mother’s Day — which falls on May 8 this year — is typically the busiest restaurant day of the year, and the day on which the most phone calls are made.

And while it’s nice to take your mom out to dinner (or at the very least, give her a call), we’d like to offer a few other ways to celebrate your mother this Mother’s Day.

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Tips for Building an Easter Basket

MarshmallowBunniesTips for Building an Easter Basket

Easter is just days away, and you’re probably thinking about filling your child’s Easter basket.

For us, the answer is always obvious: chocolate, as well as assorted other candies.

But if you’re feeling a little more inventive this year, there are a few tips we’ve collected from around the web.

Hopefully, they’ll give you some inspiration as you build your Easter baskets this year. Good luck!

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Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World

Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means people all over the country will be busy buying valentinechocolateroses, jewelry, cards and – of course – chocolates.

Flowers, candy and cards are pretty much the American way of doing Valentine’s Day, but that’s not the worldwide standard. Travel around the globe and you’ll find a lot of different Valentine’s Day traditions. Here are a few that we’d like to share.

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Winter Doldrums? Enter Chocolate Fondue!

chocolate fondueChristmas and New Year’s Eve have come and gone, and the start of spring seems like a few years – and not just a few weeks – away.

This is a time of year where you’re tempted to simply hole up and hibernate until it’s warm.

But we’d like to suggest that one of the best ways to combat the winter doldrums is to socialize. And because Stutz is a company that makes chocolate, we’re going to recommend you socialize with a chocolate fondue party. There’s nothing quite like a sweet dessert made of rich, warm chocolate on a bitter winter night.

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12 Chocolate Treats for 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas chocolatesYou’ve probably heard the song “The 12 Days of Christmas,” but have you ever wondered how much you’d need to spend to buy all of those gifts?

PNC Wealth Management has. Since 1984, the bank has maintained The Christmas Price Index, which tracks the real world cost of everything mentioned in the song. This year, it was $34,130, or $155,407 if you assume the “true love” in the song was rebuying all the previous day’s gifts after the first day.

Your holiday budget is probably somewhat less than $34,000, which is why Stutz Candy is happy to recommend its own list of gifts for the next 12 days. (We realize the song is about the period after Christmas, but we have your shopping schedule to consider.)

We’ll add a new product every day – trying to keep with the number theme of the song whenever possible –so be sure to check back in again over the next two weeks. Enjoy!

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To Your Health: The Facts on Chocolate

chocolate health benefitsA lot of things have been labeled “superfoods,” from seaweed and kale to blueberries and chia seeds. Why not add chocolate to that list?

We’re not saying it should replace fruits and vegetables in your diet, but a number of studies have shown that eating chocolate can have health benefits, from lowered blood pressure to happier babies.

Here are five reasons chocolate can be good for you:

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Cooking With Chocolate

cooking with chocolateChocolate is one of the kings of the dessert world, but there’s no reason it only has to be used to make sweet things.

Watch enough cooking shows or read through a few food blogs, and you’ll see that there are elegant, delicious ways to incorporate it into savory sauces, vegetable dishes and entrees.

Here are three recipes that use chocolate as a key ingredient:

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